The camel's lament : a poem

The camel's lament : a poem

Author: Carryl, Charles E.

Publisher: Random House, c2004

ISBN: 0375814264 (trade)

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Editorial Reviews From Syndetics

A camel's whiny yet comical complaint in this turn-of-the-century light verse serves as springboard for Santore's imaginative and droll illustrations. "Puppies are able to sleep in a stable,/ and oysters can slumber in pails./ But no one supposes/ a poor camel dozes-/ anyplace does for me!" Carryl writes in the same vein as contemporaries Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll, and though his poetry may not be as memorable, it unwinds with a lilting rhythm. Each stanza lists how, in the camel's opinion, other animals are better housed, fed and used, but the end of the poem contains neither a surprise nor a satisfying conclusion (his final beef: the other animals have better shapes, "But a camel's all lumpy/ and bumpy and humpy-/ any shape does for me!"). Santore's watercolors, on the other hand, combine naturalistic verisimilitude with anthropomorphous features, lending human character to the grousing camel and a plethora of other creatures. The artist renders the large-size animals-from the stunning scarlet macaw to the finicky poodles wearing pink napkins around their necks-with amusing details. The long-suffering dromedary himself is the most appealing here, whether eating scrub plants with an air of resignation, or staring Sphinx-like at readers with an enigmatic look in his eyes. Ages 4-8. (Sept.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved
THE POOR CAMEL! While most creatures are prized, pampered, or at least tended to (down to the lowly pig!), the camel is our beast of burden, left to thirst, forage, and sleep in the merciless desert. This beautiful, comical picture book is for anyone who has ever thought the "grass is greener"! Award winner Charles Santore does it again! Praise forA Stowaway on Noah's Ark: "Santore's carefully detailed watercolors possess both elegance and power."--Publishers Weekly "Grand, dazzlingly precise animal portraits . . . gorgeous pictures, which are rendered in breathtaking detail--every animal feather and spot. . . ."--Booklist