Selected odes of Pablo Neruda

Selected odes of Pablo Neruda

Author: Neruda, Pablo,

Publisher: University of California Press, c1990

ISBN: 0520059441 (alk. paper)

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Acknowledgmentsp. xiTranslator's Introductionp. II.Elemental Odesp. 5El Hombre Invisible / The Invisible Manp. 6Oda a la Alcachofa / Ode to an Artichokep. 18Oda a las Americas / Ode to the Americasp. 22Oda al Atomo / Ode to the Atomp. 28Oda a las Aves de Chile / Ode to the Birds of Chilep. 38Oda al Caldillo de Congrio / Ode to Conger Chowderp. 46Oda a una Castana en el Suelo / Ode to a Chestnut on the Groundp. 50Oda a la Critica / Ode to Criticismp. 54Oda al Hilo / Ode to the Threadp. 58Oda al Laboratorista / Ode to a Laboratory Technicianp. 66Oda al Libro (II) / Ode to the Book (II)p. 72Oda a la Madera / Ode to Woodp. 78Oda a Mirar Pajaros / Ode to Bird-Watchingp. 86Oda a los Numeros / Ode to Numbersp. 94Oda al Pajaro Sofre / Ode to a Saffron Finchp. 100Oda a la Pareja / Ode to a Couplep. 106Oda al Pasado / Ode to the Pastp. 112Oda a la Pereza / Ode to Lazinessp. 116Oda a un Reloj en la Noche / Ode to a Watch in the Nightp. 120Oda al Tercer Dia / Ode to the Third Dayp. 126Oda al Tiempo / Ode to Timep. 130Oda a la Tierra / Ode to the Earthp. 134Oda al Tomate / Ode to Tomatoesp. 138Oda al Traje / Ode to My Suitp. 144Oda a la Tristeza / Ode to Sadnessp. 148Oda a Valparaiso / Ode to Valparaisop. 150Oda al Verano / Ode to Summerp. 156Oda al Vino / Ode to Winep. 162II.New Elemental Odesp. 169La Casa de las Odas / The House of Odesp. 170Oda a los Calcetines / Ode to My Socksp. 174Oda al Craneo / Ode to the Craniump. 178Oda a la Critica (II) / Ode to Criticism (II)p. 184Oda a la Cruz del Sur / Ode to the Southern Crossp. 188Oda al Diccionario / Ode to the Dictionaryp. 194Oda a Don Diego de la Noche / Ode to a Mirabilis Jalapa: The Night-Blooming Four O'Clockp. 202Oda a la Gaviota / Ode to the Sea Gullp. 206Oda a la Lagartija / Ode to the Lizardp. 210Oda a la Luna del Mar / Ode to the Moon of the Seap. 214Oda al Nino de la Liebre / Ode to a Boy with a Harep. 222Oda al Picaflor / Ode to the Hummingbirdp. 226Oda a Pies de Fuego / Ode to Firefootp. 232III.Third Book of Odesp. 239Odas de Todo el Mundo / Odes for Everyonep. 240Oda a la Abeja / Ode to Beesp. 246Oda al Albanil Tranquilo / Ode to the Gentle Bricklayerp. 254Oda a un Albatros Viajero / Ode to the Voyager Albatrossp. 256Oda al Algarrobo Muerto / Ode to a Dead Carob Treep. 266Oda a las Algas del Oceano / Ode to Seaweedsp. 270Oda a un Gran Atun en el Mercado / Ode to a Large Tuna in the Marketp. 276Oda a la Bicicleta / Ode to Bicyclesp. 282Oda al Buque en la Botella / Ode to a Ship in a Bottlep. 286Oda a la Casa Abandonada / Ode to an Abandoned Housep. 290Oda a la Casa Dormida / Ode to a Sleeping Housep. 294Oda a un Cine de Pueblo / Ode to a Village Movie Theaterp. 298Oda a la Edad / Ode to Agep. 302Oda al Gallo / Ode to a Roosterp. 306Oda a la Jardinera / Ode to a Woman Gardeningp. 314Oda al Libro de Estampas / Ode to a Stamp Albump. 318Oda al Limon / Ode to the Lemonp. 324Oda a la Luz Marina / Ode to Light on the Seap. 326Oda al Maiz / Ode to Maizep. 332Oda al Nacimiento de un Ciervo / Ode to the Birth of a Fawnp. 336Oda al Doble Otono / Ode to Two Autumnsp. 340Oda a la Pantera Negra / Ode to a Black Pantheressp. 346Oda al Picaro Ofendido / Ode to an Offended Picarop. 350Oda al Viejo Poeta / Ode to an Aged Poetp. 358Oda a la Sal / Ode to Saltp. 366Oda a las Tormentas de Cordoba / Ode to the Storms of Cordobap. 368
Pablo Neruda was born Ricardo Eliecer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto in Ferral, Chile on July 12, 1904. In 1923 he sold all of his possessions to finance the publication of his first book, Crepusculario (Twilight), which he published under the pseudonym Pablo Neruda. Veinte Poemas de Amor y una Cancion Desesperada (Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair), which was published the following year, made him a celebrity and allowed him to stop his studies to devote himself to poetry. His other works include España en el Corazón, Canto General, Las Uvas y el Viento, and Para Nacer He Nacido. He received numerous awards including the World Peace Prize with Paul Robeson and Pablo Picasso in 1950, the Lenin Peace Prize and the Stalin Peace Prize in 1953, and the Nobel Prize for Literature for his poetry in 1971. He died of leukemia on September 23, 1973. (Bowker Author Biography)
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