Cases in finance

Cases in finance


Publisher: Prentice Hall, c1993

ISBN: 0131179950

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IFinancial Analysis and Planning1Abington-Hill Toys, IncPart IFinancial Ratio Analysis2Abington-Hill Toys, IncPart IIFinancial Planning3Abington-Hill Toys, IncPart IIIFinancial Planning4Sundown Ski WearFinancial Ratio Analysis5IncBradford DrugFinancial Ratio Analysis6American Department Stores, IncFinancial Ratio Analysis7Hasbro, IncFinancial Ratio Analysis8Hokie Pool SalesCash Budgeting9Harlington Manufacturing CompanyCash Budgeting10The Jackson FarmPart ICash Budgeting11The Jackson FarmPart IIFinancial Ratio analysis12Gilcrest Patio Furnishings, IncPart ICash Budgeting and Financial Planning13Gilcrest Patio Furnishings, IncPart IIFinancial Planning14Thompson Toys, IncPart ICash Budgeting and Financial Planning15Thompson Toys, IncPart IIFinancial Forecasting and Financial PlanningIIWorking Capital Management16Texas TransistorCash Management17Huff Manufacturing CompanyCash Management18Solt of the EarthAccounts Receivable Marginal Analysis19McArthur Sales CompanyMonitoring Accounts Receivable20The Over Bearing CompanyAccounts Receivable Policy21Neeley Beverage, IncInventory ManagementIIICapital Investment Decisions22Davidson Tractor and ImplementCapital Budgeting: Introductory23Danforth & Donnalley Laundry products CompanyCapital Budgeting: Relevant Cash Flows24Lamar Ironworks, IncCapital Budgeting: Relevant Cash Flows25Benefits Monthly, IncCapital Budgeting: Relevant Cash Flows and Decision Criteria26Harding Plastic Molding CompanyCapital Budgeting: Ranking Problems27Ron Willingham Courses, IncCapital Budgeting: Basic Difficulties28Fly-by-Night AirlinesCapital Budgeting: Replacement Decision29Simpson and Selph, LTDCapital Budgeting: Replacement Decision with Cost of Capital30Chapman Coal CorporationCapital Budgeting: The Risk-Adjusted Rate of Return and Certainty-Equivalent Approaches31Central Florida Computer CompanyCapital Budgeting: Risk Adjusted Discount Rate32University City LoungeCapital Budgeting: Probability Distributions33Little New Orleans Amusement ParkCapital Budgeting: Simulation from Probability Distributions34Grubstake Mining CompanyCapital Budgeting: Multi-period Capital Asset Pricing Model35Reflex Energy Company, IncCapital budgeting and the CAPMIVValuation and the Cost of Capital36Connally Oil CompanyValuation37The Bonneau CompanyAcquisition and Valuation38Fort Meyers Lincoln-Mercury Dealership, IncPrivately-held, Small Business Valuation39Wyoming Energy Development, IncCost of Capital40Texon Production, IncCost of CapitalVLong-Term Financing Decisions41Woods General ProducersBreak-even Analysis, Operating Leverage, and Financial Leverage42Foster Brewing CompanyFinancial Structures: Overview43J. B. Fuller, IncFinancial Leverage Analysis44DeSmedt-Baker, IncLeverage Analysis45Colorado Business InstrumentsLong-Term Financing Choices
This casebook covers all major decision making areas of financial management with 57 cases based on actual situations. New to the third edition are cases involving risk-adjusted discount rates, the use of simulation in a capital budgeting setting, the capital asset pricing model, and small business valuation.